It’s getting worse. Alan Hodgkins is getting neighbors involved again, this time to photograph Heather on his behalf.

As Heather approaches the bus stop, Al pulled onto the main street and parked so that Heather had to drive by him, and then stop at the stop sign near him to go through the intersection.

Heather parked where she usually does. To her right is a fence so we’re not blocking anyone or in front of anyone’s home. We do not park on anyone’s property. We park fully on the street.

The woman who lives in the home next to the home we park alongside of exited her house and was staring at Heather the entire time. Her body language was very awkward- it looks like she is carrying a cellphone to record Heather.

She then gets in her vehicle and drives away toward where we came from.

I arrive from getting off at the bus stop and we head home. We approach the street corner where we passed Al before on the way to the bus stop. Look at this!

That’s right- Al and this mystery woman are talking! Al was gesticulating in our direction.

Note that for 9 minutes Al has not really left where we originally saw him.

After we went home I got the dashcam video SD cards out the car and loaded them onto my server so that I can upload them and provide this information to our lawyer. When I was finished and went back to the car to reinstall them, look who drives by:

She slowed down after she passes to look at me.

In summary- It is very very clear that Al is using his position as a USPS employee to speak to our neighbors about this conflict and have them act on his behalf against us in order to make us uncomfortable in our own neighborhood.

Heather and I are convinced that normal life without interference from the USPS is impossible. We have the opposite of the expected outcome from the hearing on August 1st. There is no peace. We live with anxiety and apprehension. Hodgkins continues to escalate this situation. I am not satisfied.