We learned that the case was dismissed on the grounds of Federal Immunity. Alan Hodgkins is immune from suit as a Federal Employee.

It’s also odd that somehow we haven’t ‘exhausted our claim’ by not asking for money when we filed the formal grievance in June 2016.

Also, they didn’t review that grievance until the Postmaster General got involved. They sat on it for 9 months to tell us we didn’t file it right. Total incompetance.

This situation to us has never had anything to do with money. It was about peace at home. It was about justice.

From Heather:

I’m looking at my schedule which was filled with things to build my confidence and wondering if it’s safe to pick Amin up from the bus stop now…It was anxiety provoking to get him at the bus stop with that pending…what will it look like now? I’m looking at more video work, more being nervous to be in the kitchen because I’m sure Al will go back to driving by six or more times. All our shades are closed.

The thing is, this has happened so many times before I’m not sad. It’s like “yeah…of course it got thrown out. When has anything worked easily in our favor?”. I feel like a broken record. Things start getting better. I start having less anxiety, I start losing weight. I start enjoying my life more and then BANG it’s back to old times.

Amin and I are willing to keep fighting. Someone has to. SOMEONE HAS TO and I would hate to drop this and then find out some little old lady or some single mother with five kids is being stalked and if only we had fought a little more we could have helped them. This is bigger than Amin and I and I take that responsibility extremely seriously.

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