Alan Hodgkins waited for Heather to leave home, and then followed her to the bus stop and started to deliver near her, approaching closer and closer. When he parked next to Heather’s vehicle, Heather locked the doors and taped Al with her cell phone. He retaliated by calling Arlington PD claiming harassment.

This is a blatant abuse of Heather’s First Amendment Rights. Private citizens have a right to record Federal Employees in the performance of their duties, especially when they are engaging in abuses of their position.

Hodgkins isn’t fooling anybody. He’s retaliating for the HPO and the Federal Case that was lodged against him.

Heather leaves the house at 3:30 sharp as per routine.

Al is there, waiting for her.

He starts following her with his truck on the way to the bus stop. Heather speeds up to provide some distance. She parks in the usual spot.

Al skipped a bunch of houses on the way while following Heather. Once he is in view of her, he starts to deliver along the street.

He slowly approaches.

He then parks alongside her. Heather locks her door. Heather wasn’t sure if the left dashcam would catch him, so she pulls out her cam and starts to tape.

Al photographs Heather from this position, then passes and parks behind her. He then calls the police.

While this is happening Heather is pretty upset and is texting me as events unfold as I approach the bus stop.

Arlington PD arrives.

Hodgkins starts to have a conversation with officer M. Foley.

I arrive. I tried to be calm, but honestly that didn’t last long. I told the police officer that I am here to get picked up by my wife, and that Al called the cops on her, and that he is her stalker.

Officer Foley orders me to stay put where I was, away from Heather. Heather didn’t like how that was developing and she leaves the vehicle to approach me with her camera recording any exchanges. The cop stops her. Heather explains the situation.

She then stands with me for a bit.

Officer Foley takes down Heather’s information.

Al is happy to talk to a passerby about what’s going on.

Foley returns to me and discusses the situation with me.

More police arrive.

I explain the situation to the second cop in the flak jacket. Even more cops arrive.

The Sargeant (D. Martin) takes a statement from Heather.

A USPS representative arrives. Somehow, they managed to arrive in 20 minutes.

I finish my chat with the cop in the flak jacket, and I return to the car. Heather and I chat for a bit.

Officers Foley and Martin then talked to us. We told them we want a report and that we’ll pick it up tomorrow.

Al drives past our vehicle and watches us from a distance.

The police leave.

Al watches us as we pass to go home.