Today, Heather has been served with summons to the Cambridge District Court for 2018-02-21 at 9AM. Alan Hodgkins is seeking a state-level Harassment Prevention Order against her in response to an incident that he created on the 12th.

There is so much wrong about this:

  • Al Hodgkins FOLLOWED my wife to the bus stop.
  • Recording a Federal Employee in course of their duties is a Constitutionally protected act. That is not harassment.
  • Heather couldn’t get awarded a local HPO because there is no jurisdiction to handle the matter, yet somehow Hodgkins is free to use local police and local courts.
  • Abusing the police and court system to intimidate Heather is egregious and cowardly.
  • This is essentially an attack on Heather’s ability to live at our home. If the HPO were issued, she would effectively be homeless.

In 2 days, Heather will have to get in a room with the last person in the world she wants to be near for several hours. I see this as nothing but retaliation for the original restraining order and resultant Federal case.

Did the USPS seriously advise Hodgkins to do this? This is despicable.