Alan Hodgkins’ fraudulant request for a harassment prevention order against my wife Heather has been DENIED.

I came with Heather to the courthouse to provide moral support. I did not participate in the legal proceeding.

  • Don Piscatelli did show up but was not present for the actual hearing.
  • Al represented himself.
  • He cited that he has been a postal carrier for over two decades and is a well respected man, and never had a negative experience with any of his customers before. He in addition said that he helps the fire department and police. All irrelevant things.
  • He admitted to photographing Heather with his cell phone.
  • He omitted the incident that motivated him to seek this proceeding.
  • He omitted the circumstances on how he got involved in the first place (photographing Heather from his mail truck and parking in view of our home, blocking Heather’s access to a nearby park in June 2016)
  • The judge asked Al if he was afraid of Heather, to which he replied that he was. When prompted as to why, Al replied that he was afraid that Heather would hit him with our car, which is the first time we’ve ever heard of this. In order for that to happen, Heather would have to drive onto a neighbor’s lawn or he would have to cross the street from his truck and none of our interactions ever shown that. Most of the time, Al is in his truck during his interactions with Heather. When the judge asked him if such an event ever occured, he said no.
  • He often interrupted the judge and our lawyer.

The original HPO and resultant Federal case was discussed. First Amendment protections were discussed.

The case was dismissed. Al and the USPS failed in forcing Heather out of our home of 5 years.

What he did succeed in doing however is trapping Heather in a room with him for a good portion of the day, which is exactly what a stalker wants of their victims.