Since the HPO hearing, Alan Hodgkins has suddenly stopped delivering behind our house. We have continued our usual commuting routine and haven’t seen him on the path to/from the bus stop, either.

The USPS has not given us nor our lawyer any indication as to what is going on. However, Heather and I have definitely enjoyed this break from him, regardless of how long it lasts.

Other carriers have been serving the backyard. They come, deliver, and leave, which is as it should be.

Heather’s experience of picking me up from the bus stop has become uneventful, which is as it should be. We didn’t even see a mailtruck nearby all three times. Here’s the dashcam footage:

We continue to keep our shades shut and monitor home surveillance footage, however. We’ve had brief respites before, only to be followed by a resurgence in aggressive and intimidating behavior.