The stress of what Heather experienced has finally caught up with her. Over the past few days, she has had continuous panic attacks that begin to peak in intensity in the mid-afternoon (when she would drive to pick me up from the bus stop and be targeted by Alan Hodgkins). She’s been unable to sleep more than a few hours a night. She lost her appetite and doesn’t eat more than a few bites at meals. She mostly stays in her office because she doesn’t feel comfortable anywhere else in the house.

Heather stopped being Heather, basically. She lost all hope that life would move beyond what she experienced and sank into intense worry and despair.

Over the past few years I have seen my wife and best friend- a vibrant, healthy, and driven young woman, slowly deteriorate to this. From the moment Sharon Demirdjian yelled at Heather at our doorstep to Alan Hodgkins dragging her to a courtroom with false accusations, her peace, her confidence, and her self- eroded away. She does not feel safe in her own neighborhood. She does not feel safe in her own home. She doesn’t feel safe, period.

I wanted to do something, anything- to help her, to assure her everything will be ok and that from that moment there would be peace at home. But I couldn’t. The USPS could decide to bring Hodgkins back tomorrow and he’d pick up where he left off. They turned our home and neighborhood into a warzone, and it has now seen its first casualty.

I immediately took a leave of absence from work to provide her support and scheduled an emergency session with her therapist the following day.