Heather started treatment with a Women’s Partial Hospitalization Program to help her cope with the trauma of being harassed and stalked by the USPS.

Partial hospitalization is for people that aren’t a threat to themselves or others, but need an intensive treatment program to address what they are going through. That means that she is there 5 days a week, 6 hours a day, and goes home at the end of the day. She is assigned a clinician, a psychiatrist, and a social worker. She goes to group therapy sessions to learn skills to help her return to normal life, tell her story of what happened to her, and for her to get her feelings validated.

As part of the first week of treatment, I booked an AirBnB near the facility for us to stay so that she can focus on healing. She dreads returning home.

I realize: the USPS ruined our home.