Heather saw Sharon Demirdjian near our home when driving in our neighborhood. She was talking to another carrier.

It’s been a month since we submitted the tort claim against the USPS, citing her and Alan Hodgkins by name for their inappopriate and illegal behavior. Their direct supervisor and the postmaster were given notice. Why is Sharon still serving nearby?

Heather texted me:

I was told by two separate therapists that it’s so important for me to start ‘taking back’ our home, and feeling safe again now that Al is gone.. and now Sharon is back?! The one who started it all? Who made this decision? Who thought this was ok to do? I’m in therapy three days a week because of the stress they’ve caused, we have a case pending, we have a website, and this is what they do? How am I to feel safe and de-stress when this is going on?

The reason why the USPS would continue to have her nearby escapes me at this point. I can assume that since Hodgkins is still gone, they are now at least admitting to themselves that his actions were inappropriate. What excuses do they have for her?

Meanwhile, we keep our front and back windows blocked as we do not know when/if Alan Hodgkins will return.