Now that Heather and I have gone public with our experience, she recently posted a review on Yelp for the Arlington MA Post Office.

I complained about a late package of pencils and erasers. This complaint turned into two and a half years of stalking and harassment by members of this post office.

I had our mail carrier yell at me at my doorstep, yell a homophobic slur at me as she drove in view of my home, as well as withhold incoming and outgoing mail (which, last time I checked, is a Federal crime).

I’ve had carriers drive by my home and take pictures of me with their cell phones. I’ve had to block out my windows and set up security cameras to watch and document this behavior.

We also had to install dashcams in our car because a specific male carrier has tried to intimidate me with his truck (follow and watch me as I drive in the neighborhood, play chicken with his truck, speed at me from side streets). I even have a video of this same carrier appearing behind my home with his truck lights off and slowly u-turning with camera flashes visible from the truck’s interior. In addition, he’s appeared in view of my home over 150+ times in a two-month timespan. Yes, I counted.

I had to retain a lawyer. I was awarded a harassment prevention order on a state level against this carrier. Upper management has done NOTHING but defend him, which includes getting a US Attorney involved to remove my harassment prevention order on the grounds of Federal Immunity (meaning he’s free to stalk and harass me so long as he’s on the clock), and then putting him back on the same route. And to our surprise!- he continued harassing and stalking.

Currently we have filed a Federal Tort Claim and published a website. That is the ONLY REASON he has been removed from his route for now, but we have no idea what has happened to him and no one from management will provide a permanent solution. Meanwhile, we sit in a dark home with all our shades drawn because we can’t guarantee they won’t put this guy back on his route to continue his stalking and harassing behavior as he has in the past.

So if you have any problems, document EVERYTHING and know that your carrier can see your complaints. If they retaliate against you or begin to harass you, don’t delay getting a lawyer: but be warned- they will do EVERYTHING they can to bully you and defend themselves from any shred of accountability.

Apparently someone didn’t like the review, created an account, and sent Heather this message:

This person then proceeded to write a positive review of their own for the Post Office. Clearly this person works for them. “The Arlington Postal Workers have also stepped up numerous times in support of the Arlington community.” I remember someone saying very similar things: Alan Hodgkins, when speaking to the judge in the hearing earlier this year about how he supports the police and the fire department. I’d easily bet $100 this person is Hodgkins.

I reported his account, and then wrote a review of my own:

I 100% corroborate with Heather G’s review and write my own.

I’m her husband. I installed those security cameras. I installed those dashcams.

I spent hundreds of hours organizing the evidence of the two carriers acting inappropriately in preparation of going to court. I also signed the Form 95 paperwork to hold the USPS responsible per the Federal Tort Claims Act. I intend to continue to fight this with her.

I’ve had to interrupt countless work days dealing with this. I’ve spent countless evenings and weekends dealing with this.

I paid the legal fees, which allowed Heather to get the restraining order against the mail carrier who stalked and harassed her, I went to the hearing in the Cambridge District Court. I went to the hearing with her to contest the US Government removing it to Federal Court and dismissing it on the grounds of federal immunity.

I met with the Boston Postmaster with our lawyer present. I had phone calls with the management of this post office. I sent emails telling them to take responsibility and stop this nightmare.

I’m the person who now has to clean up the mess that these people have created.

I am very suspicious that a “Jerry M of Malden, MA” signed up for a Yelp account in May 2018 to write a very official-sounding and supportive review.

He private-messaged her “Get a life, loser.”, too. I bet this “Jerry M” works for this post office. I may even bet that this Jerry M is actually my wife’s stalker trying to gaslight her and is too cowardly to use his real identity.

Well, I reported his account.

This isn’t ‘fiction’. I’ve had to live through this with her for two and a half years, and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

Heather going public with this story is an act of BRAVERY. She shouldn’t be ashamed of anything. It’s also protected by the First Amendment.

If you want to restore the image of this post office- hold those people accountable, apologize, and do what is necessary to prevent this from happening again.

It is YOU who should be ashamed of yourselves.

One star.

This is the second incident of harassing behavior using a communications medium- first the mail and now over the Internet.