We have been threatened by the person who sent the harassing private message on Yelp. He did this in public on his own Yelp review. I am pretty convinced now that this person is Alan Hodgkins.

Amin A. and Heather G just to let you know I am a real person and as all your assumptions about me are as false as your court case that was dismissed. Now let me profile you too: middle age or fastly approaching it. No children or any real friends hence all your free time to crusade against the local Post Office. You have no credibility as you have hired a lawyer to simply get an apology? Yea, that’s brilliant!

As for a stalker coming to your house leaving bills in your mailbox, he’s not a Stalker, he’s called a letter carrier. You also have a twisted view of your rights, you think your rights supersed those of others. You have posted people’s names on the internet and your pity party website “delivering fear.com”. These individuals have been threatened with harm by the sickos that prowl the internet. Good job! Hence my comment”get a life you losers!”( Now being made plural.) Report me to whoever you wish to. I have rights too in that bill of rights you like to quote called freedom of speech.

I now have a crusade or a cause to expose you and Heather G. As the frauds you really are!

For a person that is claiming to not be affiliated with this post office, he seems pretty heated about it. He seems to know quite a bit about the carriers who have been mentioned on this website, and is apparently willing to take on a personal crusade against us.

Pretty sure that’s Hodgkins. If it isn’t, it’s most definitely a USPS employee. That’s three times we’ve been harassed over communications mediums. We notified our lawyer.