We haven’t seen Alan Hodgkins in several months. With encouragement from Heather’s therapist and our lawyer, we decided to unbarricade our front and back windows.

It was so nice to be able to actually see sunlight in our kitchen and living room again and be able to enjoy the view of our neighborhood in springtime. A deep malaise was removed from our home. It’s starting to look like home again.

That said, this will be a transition. Heather is still nervous to cook meals where she could be seen. She can hear the LLVs driving around in the neighborhood, and that sound still has an impact on her. It is going to take some time to regain that confidence that she is safe at her home and neighborhood, especially in light of the harassment now renewing on the internet.

I sometimes worry too. What if Nick Francescucci continues to ignore this problem, insists on Al and Sharon’s presence in our neighborhood, and we’re back to the same nightmare? I think the only difference now is that we have gone public and they can no longer act inappropriately without being noticed.