Heather and I encountered Sharon Demirdjian as we were leaving our neighborhood. She glared at Heather as she drove past.

Heather and I have been making great efforts to return to ‘normal life’ despite the constant attacks from the USPS either at our home, in our neighborhood, or recently though the mail or online. Today we decided to go out on a date and try to put these experiences aside and enjoy each other’s company. However, as we left our neighborhood, we encountered Sharon.

This is, again, the same woman who happily yelled at Heather on our doorstep, yelled ‘dyke’ at Heather from her truck, withheld our mail, threw our stuff(and the stuff of our neighbors), and got neighbors and coworkers (including stalker Alan Hodgkins) involved to further torment us. Sharon had a choice to simply do her job, but once again she made the active decision to be hostile- this time to glare at my wife and I as she drove past.

It’s encounters like this that shouldn’t even be possible. At no point should anyone be bullied when leaving their home, moving about their neighborhood, and living a normal life- exactly what Heather and I were doing this morning. We shouldn’t have to constantly be in fear that they may ‘catch us’ enjoying life. This kind of tit for tat, where they are mad at us because we are not hiding in our homes with our shades drawn is exactly why there needs to be some ability to fire or remove these troublemakers either from their route or their jobs. This is why we filed a tort claim in the first place!

Again, no one should live in fear in their home or neighborhood because Federal employees can’t behave like humans.