Heather encountered Al Hodgkins again as she was driving home from a therapy session.

This time he was delivering on the street near the intersection where Heather enters the neighborhood to go home or to pick me up from the bus stop in the past.

Since March our routine has drastically changed as a good portion of our afternoons are spent going to therapy sessions, ironically as a means to recover from what he has done. Heather now drives through this area consistently at around noon instead of the 3:30PM routine we held prior.

The thing that’s really interesting is that it totally contradicts Al’s statement to the police on February 12th when he followed Heather to the bus stop and called the police on her.

If Al has a ‘pre-planned route’, where he appears in that area at 3:30 in the afternoon, why is he now delivering there at noon? If that was true, Heather wouldn’t be encountering Al at all because her routine has completely changed.

I believe Al lied to the police on February 12’th, and he’s once again changing his routine to seek opportunities to interact with Heather.