We identified who was sending those harassing messages on Yelp: Jerry McCarthy, another mail carrier for the Arlington USPS.

Back in May, Heather decided to write a review of the Arlington Post Office to create awareness of what her experience was.

A short time later, someone decided to send harassing messages and threats to Heather on the site.

For some time we assumed that this person was just Alan Hodgkins using a random name. Surprisingly enough, this was yet another carrier from this post office, and he was willing to act inappropriately as a Federal employee (while on the clock given the timing Heather got these messages) towards a private citizen.

Jerry was even forward enough to provide his first name, last initial, and the town where he lives.

The thing that’s pretty disturbing about all this is how yet another mail carrier decided to get involved, I suppose in an attempt to ‘defend their own’.

If a person in the private sector decided to threaten a customer publicly on Yelp as an employee of the company he works for, that person’s employment would be immedately terminated. The company would do that purely to manage risk from a business standpoint, as you don’t want your brand tarnished and be exposed to suit. Because the USPS is a government agency, their management is complacent and unwilling to discipline their own employees because there is no incentive for them to do so (sovereign immunity). This allows people like Jerry McCarthy to threaten people from the safety of their cell phone rather than doing their job.