Here is a detailed account of how Alan Hodgkins has continued his stalking behavior through the end of 2018 into this year.

According to the National Center for Victims of Crime, one of the key behaviors of a stalker is to “follow you and show up wherever you are”.

This is something that Hodgkins has done since day one- first by driving by our home as much as 6 times per day and then by following Heather around the neighborhood in his LLV or placing himself in her path or in her view as we did our commuting routine. We have hundreds of data points available on this website showing this. This isn’t an mere allegation. This is an observation backed by evidence.

Hodgkins claimed to the Arlington Police Department on February 12th, 2018 (after following Heather around the neighborhood and then calling the police on her) that his route is preplanned and that he would be in the same place between 15:20 and 15:40.

Well, our routine has completely changed since March of 2018. We seldom come home at that time. If Hodgkins’ claim is true, we wouldn’t be seeing him.

The below are dates and approximate times where Heather or I have seen Hodgkins while travelling the identical path home in our neighborhood. The data completely contradicts his account to the Arlington PD.

We didn’t see him at all for several months between February and May, and then it ramps up as soon as the tort claim decision was made. He sees he won’t get in trouble, so he begins to figure out Heather’s routine and changes his personal schedule to match it. All things we’ve seen before.

Stalking is a “crime of power and control”. I think Hodgkins wants to make sure that Heather sees him or his LLV to continue to instill fear in her.

The fact we only saw him once between February and August shows that he is more than capable of doing his job and not be in Heather’s path. It’s also pretty clear that his schedule is once again set around Heather- on the days he isn’t expecting her, he’s delivering in the same area several hours later instead.

The pile of evidence grows higher..