Who are you?

I’m Amin. I’m a systems engineer and software developer that lives in Arlington, MA with my wife Heather.

Why did you publish this website?

After two years of going through the proper channels, hiring a lawyer, having phone conferences, having an in-person meeting with USPS leadership, spending hundreds of hours collecting data and evidence, and appearing in state and federal hearings only to be denied justice, my wife and I feel that making this experience public is absolutely justified.

Why did you wait so long to publish this website?

We kept this matter private in good faith that the USPS would take responsibility for the problems and provide a permanent solution. Now that is it clear that they won’t, now is the appropriate time to go public.

I’m from the media and want to contact you. How should I do that?

Please direct all inquiries to our lawyer Lauren Thomas at lthomas@lawlt.com.

What is your problem with the USPS?

We don’t have a problem with the USPS in general. They are staffed with very hard-working men and women that provide a very important piece of infrastructure to American society. However, we do have a problem with the carriers that have disrupted our home life. We do have a problem with the complacent and dismissive management that allowed this situation to happen. We do have a problem with how they sidestep legal accountability using Federal Immunity despite the overwhelming signs of deliberate wrongdoing. Whatever contractural obligations they have with a labor union or any other constraint is irrelevant. They are a government organization and they have allowed this situation to escalate. When we have complained, they have violated our rights. These abuses must be brought to light and corrected, and those responsible held accountable.

I see references to Carriers X and Y in videos. Who are they?

  • Carrier X: Sharon Demirdjian
  • Carrier Y: Alan Hodgkins

How did you build your home surveillance system?

It is a home-grown system based on Linux, the Motion project, some shell scripts I wrote, and commodity hardware. I will be publishing instructions on how others can construct their own systems.

Who took the photo for the banner image?

Credit to Kristina Flour.